Studio Pilates Sessions in Farnham

At Elisabeth Pilates we provide motivational and invigorating classes at our welcoming studio in Farnham. Our studio pilates sessions incorporate a variety of equipment, including the Reformer, Tower, Mat, and Chair. Whether you're new to pilates or a veteran, our expert instructors are here to guide you through safe and effective workouts designed to support your muscles, improve your posture and enhance your balance and coordination.

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Experience the Benefits of Studio Pilates



Our Surrey-based Pilates sessions provide a nurturing and supportive environment for you to engage in a dynamic and versatile workout experience. We carefully blend various equipment to cater to your individual needs, helping you enhance strength, flexibility, and posture while fostering a sense of well-being.


Personalised Instruction:

Our passionate instructors are highly trained and experienced in pilates techniques, ensuring that each session meets your specific fitness level and goals. Whether you prefer private sessions, duets, or small group classes, we offer personalised instruction to help you feel comfortable and confident.


Safe & Effective:

With complete training to use all equipment safely and effectively, you can trust that you're in good hands at Elisabeth Pilates. Our instructors provide guidance and support to ensure proper form and technique, minimising the risk of injury and maximising the benefits of your workout.

Our Studio Pilates Options


Enjoy one-on-one attention and instruction with private studio sessions at our pilates studio in Farnham. Perfect for individuals seeking personalised workouts designed to meet their unique needs and aspirations.

What Should I Wear to a Studio Pilates Session?

We recommend wearing comfortable, form-fitting clothing that allows for ease of movement. Socks with grips are also recommended for hygiene and security.

Is Studio Pilates Suitable for Beginners?

Our studio pilates sessions are suitable for individuals of all fitness levels, including beginners. Our instructors will provide modifications and adjustments to accommodate your level of experience.

How Often Should I Attend Studio Pilates Sessions?

The frequency of attendance depends on your individual goals and schedule. We recommend starting with 1 session per week and gradually increasing as you become more comfortable and experienced.

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If you would like to strengthen your muscles and improve flexibility, posture and balance, while overall investing in your wellbeing, join our studio pilates in Farnham today! Contact our team to schedule your session and reap the benefits of pilates.

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