Injury Rehabilitation Pilates Classes in Farnham

Dealing with injury or managing a medical condition can be frustrating and limit your daily activities. Pilates for rehabilitation can be a powerful tool in your recovery journey and is made accessible at our studio in Farnham. 

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Pilates: A Gentle Path to Healing

Developed by Joseph Pilates in the early 20th century, pilates originated as a form of rehab pilates for injured soldiers. Pilates himself was drawn to movement and rehabilitation after overcoming his childhood illnesses. The core principles of pilates – focus on breath, proper alignment, and controlled movements – make it ideal for those seeking a safe and effective way to heal.

The Benefits of Pilates for Rehabilitation

Unlike some high-impact exercises, pilates for injury offers a gentle yet effective approach to rehabilitation. Here's how it can benefit you:


Improved Strength & Flexibility: Pilates strengthens core muscles that provide stability and support to your entire body. Increased flexibility improves range of motion and reduces stiffness, both crucial for injury recovery.


Reduced Pain: By strengthening the muscles that support your joints and improving your posture, pilates can help alleviate pain caused by injuries like backache, tendonitis, and sciatica.


Enhanced Mobility: Regaining full movement after an injury is essential for a complete recovery. Pilates exercises target specific muscle groups and improve coordination, helping you regain the ability to move freely.

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Injury Prevention: Stronger muscles and better body awareness learned through pilates can help prevent future injuries.

Conditions Our Pilates Sessions Can Help With


The classes we hold at Elisabeth Pilates in Farnham can be a valuable addition to your rehabilitation program for a variety of conditions, including:

Pilates exercises can be modified to target specific areas of weakness and pain, promoting healing and preventing further issues.

Why Choose Private Pilates for Rehabilitation?

While Elisabeth Pilates offers pilates for rehabilitation in private, duo, and group settings, private sessions are highly recommended for those recovering from injuries or managing medical conditions.

Our qualified instructors can:

Tailor a Program:

We can create a personalised pilates program that focuses on your specific injury or condition, ensuring the exercises are safe and effective for your need

Modify Exercises:

Certain movements can be modified to accommodate limitations and ensure proper form, preventing further injury.

Provide Guidance & Support:

Our accredited instructors will guide you through each exercise safely and effectively, offering support and motivation throughout your rehabilitation journey.

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Rehabilitation Through Movement at Our Farnham Pilates Studio

Whether you're recovering from backache, a recent knee surgery, or simply looking to improve your golf swing, rehab pilates at Elisabeth Pilates can help. Our Surrey-based studio offers a welcoming and supportive environment for you to heal and regain strength.

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